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Nurturing the Garden of Your Mind, Body and Soul

Image by  congerdesign  from  Pixabay   Sadly, I did not inherit my mom's green thumb. Over the years I've made several attempts at a vegetable garden, only to often invest more than we harvest. In our busyness I'm afraid I've sorely neglected the small patch of land we planted this year. When the kids were little we did a science experiment with two sets of plants. One set was given sunshine, water and love. The other was put in a dark cabinet and neglected. As you probably guessed, the nurtured plants experienced healthy, abundant growth, while the neglected plants withered away. I recently posted about taking  A Full and Complete Stop ,  a time of rest to refresh your soul. I want to expand on that today into the area of self-care.  How are you my friend? Don't give me the superficial, "I'm good." If you're a little uncomfortable in answering this question, awesome! Action is born from discomfort. After all, you wouldn