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Motivation to Grow

Do the dreams and goals you aspire to seem overwhelming at times? Mine sure have, and I made the mistake for far too long of allowing that to cripple me, to remain stuck. The mistake of letting the voices of fear, uncertainty, insecurity and doubt creep in and take over my dreams, convincing me I'd never be enough, do enough, or have enough to make any of it happen. I finally said enough is enough and booted the bullies in my head to the curb! I wish I could say it happened instantly, but once those voices dig in, they don't let go easily. It's a process that requires a commitment to take those thoughts as they arise and change the perspective. For instance, instead of asking "am I good enough," ask "am I doing my best?" And don't play the comparison game. We are all uniquely created, with varying gifts and abilities that make each of us an individual. What a boring world it would be if we were all the same. Be honest with yourself and ch