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Intentionality: A Mother's Day Gratitude Special

I'm so grateful for this family, the reason I can call myself a mom, and for my mom, who taught me what it is to be a woman and mom who makes a difference, in ways both big and, more often, quite small.  I miss her terribly. We do our best to raise our children with loving care, to equip them with what they'll need to thrive and make their own difference in the world, all while doing our best to lead by example.  However, in our quest to be the best moms we can be, we serve them best when they see our hard days, our struggles and frustrations, and how we deal with those, just as much, if not more than, the rare triumphant days when we feel like a supermom. They need to see the mess and chaos of working toward life goals, and learn perseverance, dedication, grace, faith, hope, the value of community, the wisdom of others, and the importance of self-care, as we work through what life throws at us.  This is what equips them to thrive when they leave the nest. It's