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Intentionality: Coping with the Heavy Stuff

Heavy. That's how I feel, right now, mentally, emotionally, and even physically. Weighed down by so much emotion, so much loss in our community. Topical Storm Fred came through the mountains of Western NC and left in its wake a level of destruction I've never seen in my lifetime. Homes, businesses and schools either destroyed or left in ruin. Lives lost and impacted in ways never imagined. I've seen the beauty of community coming together, mucking out the mud, clearing roads, rebuilding bridges, and coming together to feed and shelter rescue workers and those displaced from their homes. And this beautiful community will work together to rebuild. Yet this heaviness sits upon me.  Heaviness from this catastrophe, and a pre-existing heaviness from this season of life and all it carries. And that is where I sit in this moment. Recognizing that which I cannot control, and that which I can. I can control my response. I can volunteer. I can help coordinate volunteers.