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A Better Approach to New Beginnings

Two days, sixteen hours, until a new year. A symbol of new beginnings, especially after the year 2020 has thrown at us. However... A new beginning is given to us each and every day.  New Year's resolutions are often big and lofty. Too often, some give up on those goals before the calendar turns to February. But what if we were more forgiving of ourselves, and what if we allowed ourselves to celebrate the smaller victories of renewal each and every day? What if I woke up this morning, and said I'm going to do better than I did yesterday, when I ate too much of the Christmas candy... And told myself, it's okay that you ate too much Christmas candy, as long as you don't make it a habit. What if I woke up this morning and said I'm going to get more movement into my days... And told myself, it's okay that you laid on the couch for several days after Christmas, just reading or watching movies. It's okay that you allowed your body to rest after some seasonal chaos.