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Warning - Sharp Curves Ahead (Responding to Life's Struggles)

Image by  Foundry Co  from  Pixabay   The curves ahead warning sign is a common sight when you live in the mountains. Often a suggested lowered speed limit is posted as well. If we heed this warning, we go through the curves at a slower pace, maybe get shifted around slightly, but nothing major happens - you get through it. However, God help the driver who does not heed the warning, for that person could be speeding into a world of hurt. Life can send us into some sharp curves, where we find we have a choice:      Do I respond to the warning signs by slowing my pace and focusing my attention; or,      Do I react with a last minute veering, with the hope I won't careen off the road? My hope is we would slow down and respond to the warning. However, in order to even see the warning signs, we must be intentionally present in this journey of life and not distracted by all the noise. Life has thrown us some curves in the past couple of months. Things that caug