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Intentionality - Shifting Perceptions

I've spent so much of my life comparing. Comparing myself to those around me. Comparing my life to theirs. Comparing looks, resources, talents, gifts, jobs...  The list goes on.  Always resulting in a feeling of lack. Lack of faith. Lack of hope. Lack of joy. Lack of beauty. Lack of success.  The list goes on. This is the abyss where we reside when we constantly compare ourselves to others. Mark Twain's wisdom reminds us, "Comparison is the death of joy." I've been a living testament to that statement for longer than I'd like to admit. But what if... What if we understood we're more alike than we realize? What if that person I'm putting on a pedestal isn't so different after all? What if we took the time to stop with the pretenses and assumptions, and simply listen to that person? Maybe even ask a few questions... Last week I emceed at a women's event for the first time in a crowd of over 100 women. This normally would have been a v