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More is Caught Than Taught - Intentional Presence, Perspective and Peace During Social Distancing

Some have assumed because we home educate, we’re experts in being sequestered at home. Um, no! Driving 2-3 hours daily has dropped to the sound of crickets in the driveway. No more driving back and forth to the kids’ work and activities. No more driving to my volunteer activities. No more meetings with other adult human beings. No more hugs outside of my immediate family. I’m a hugger. That last one is particularly hard. Especially when teens don’t tend to be big on hugs, though I do receive the precious few and savor them as long as I can. And I wonder if we should even continue to hug, since my husband is still working. I never imagined I’d see a day when I wondered if my husband going to work is a good thing. Everyone is making adjustments in this unprecedented time. Everyone is experiencing some level of concern, anxiety or fear. Even our kids. Even if they don’t show it. When physical distancing began, we were just off the heel