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Taking Chances

Shortly after the pandemic began, and we were sheltering in place, I found it necessary to keep up with what day it was on the whiteboard.  As the days trundled by, I began writing inspirational messages for my family (which I used to do on the bathroom mirror, but that got kind of messy after showers😂🙄🤦🏼‍♀️). The messages are for me as well.  We all need hope and encouragement. I'm sharing today's message of hope from hindsight and in foresight. From hindsight, in that my experience has proven this to be wise and trusted advice over and over again.  Yes, even the multitude of times I've fallen and failed. Those are the stepping stones that led to greater things. To move forward, to grow, sometimes we have to take chances in life. Saying "yes" to a job you want, but are uncertain of your abilities. Saying "yes" to a serious relationship, when your heart is laid bare.  Or maybe it's saying "no" to something toxic in your life, and settin