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Mom - A Life Well Loved

Image by  S. Hermann & F. Richter  from  Pixabay   Floaties on my arms, to keep me safe in the creek. Layers of clothing, to keep me warm against the winter chill of awaiting the big yellow bus. The memory of her rubbing my legs at night when the painful growth spurts hit. A scoop of ice cream in my morning bowl of cereal, an extra special treat. The look on her face when my balloon slipped away, as if she was determined to retrieve it so my heart wouldn’t break. The open arms I took for granted so many times, always there and always open. The wisdom, love and kindness she exhibited to everyone. She never knew a stranger, especially in the grocery store! How I wish I could go back, knowing motherhood myself now, and see her memories from her perspective as a mom. To hear her thoughts, her wishes for our future. To know the pain, hope and fear she experienced as she watched us flail through our childhood and adolescence. To have her perspective