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Take A Shower! The Importance of Self-Care

Image by  Ken Boyd  from  Pixabay   I took a very hot and very long shower. Not solely because I hadn't showered in a few days. Though, having been sequestered for weeks due to the pandemic, I think we're all losing track of the days (and showers) at times. No, the reason I needed a shower was because I woke up with puffy, swollen eyes from crying the night before. The slower pace of being home together during the pandemic can be a wonderful thing as a family, but it also has its downside. Between not being able to socialize and not having the privacy we normally enjoy, we can get cranky, irritable and impatient with each other. That night was one of those rare moments of cherished family time, when we were all in the same room, enjoying a family activity. No small feat with teens in the house. A minor irritant was voiced, and the dominoes tumbled. Things were said in a tense moment, which no one intended to sound the way they did.  As the shower relaxed the puff