Meet Laura

Laura is in joyful recovery from juggling too much on the balance beam of life.

In her struggle to achieve the myth of worldly balance, and be everything to everyone, God led Laura on a journey from brokenness to healing. From fertility issues, parenting, depression, chronic pain, co-dependency, marital and financial struggles, to losing her own mom too soon, she's been in the trenches.

Laura is a what you see is what you get kind of woman. Being transparent with each other allows us to stop the comparison game, get real, appreciate and be joyful about whom we are created to be.

Laura is a Mom2Mom leader, member of the Christian Writers' Fellowship of Western North Carolina, speaker, and life coach. Her devotions have been published on She's a homeschool mom of two (one now graduated), and loving wife of 27 years (if you don't count the bump in the road).

Here you will find encouragement to discover joy, contentment, confidence, and wellness in the midst of life's chaos. May you be blessed, no matter what life (or the kids) may throw at you!


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