Intentionality: Thoughts


They take up the space in our minds, so often on autoplay we don't even realize it. Thoughts can be consuming, all-encompassing, even prophetic, if we allow them to be. They are seeds, and given enough nourishment, they lead to a harvest.

What will your harvest look like? What thoughts are you nourishing?

Are your thoughts positive and encouraging, even, and especially toward yourself? Or are they more of the self-defeating type thoughts, that too easily creep into our psyche?

I encourage you to be vigilant about capturing the thoughts that are in your mind. Take each one captive and ask yourself if that thought is one that will build you up, challenge you to grow, or help you become physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually healthier.

If the answer to that question is yes, nourish that seed with all your might! Water it. Give it sunlight. Open it to the fresh air. Focus your energies toward that thought, and baby step your way to make it become your reality. Set goals to help you get there, and announce your intent to those who can help you be accountable, and will also encourage and challenge you to keep growing along the way.

If the answer is no, ask yourself if the thought has some other purpose. Perhaps it points out an area of potential growth you need to come to terms with. If so, spend some quiet time in reflection on what that could mean for you, and who you could reach out to, to walk that journey with you. A friend, family member, coach, counselor, pastor, or doctor.

If the answer is still no, and the thought is something that's self-defeating, kick it to the curb and tell it it has no place in your life. Seriously, say it out loud! Then replace that self-defeating thought with one that is positive, encouraging, and growth oriented.

The moms' group I help facilitate is currently studying the topic of rest, and it helps me think of a good example. Instead of thinking, "I'm exhausted and can't get it all done today; I'm never enough," think instead, "Today is a day my body and mind are telling me I need some rest. I'm going to allow myself the rest I need, recognizing this is just one day, and that I will be better and more productive for having rested."

Perspective makes a difference.

What will your harvest look like? 

What is a thought you want to nourish in your life? 

Comment below and allow us to encourage you to grow a bountiful harvest.

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  1. Wise words for sure! I needed this. Self-talk can build you up or drag you down. Here's to reprogramming self-talk to build those positives!


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