Face Everything and Rise (F.E.A.R.)

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Just reading the word can induce fear and anxiety.
Fear is described in the online dictionary as "an unpleasant emotion caused by the BELIEF (my emphasis) that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat." It is followed by an example that mentions "irrational" fear.
Our fears are often irrational. Our fears are often not logical or reasonable, but are the result of a lack of clear thinking. Unfounded. Baseless.
So why do we let fear stop us in our tracks? What is it that we're so scared of?
We tend to stay stuck out of fear, letting it run the narrative in the background of our minds, while not even addressing it. Fear causes us to stick with the status quo, avoid change, and even avoid growth.
Fear is debilitating.
So how do we combat fear?
Notice in the definition of fear, the word I emphasized: BELIEF.
Friends, we need to shift our perspective. We need to believe in the power of the spirit within us. We need to believe in the promises and plans of God, to give us hope and a future (Jeremiah 29:11).
Many years ago, I chose this as my life verse. Or perhaps it chose me. It was a time I had very little confidence, because the model of humility and humbleness that I grew up with was toxic. I wasn't taught about Godly confidence, or what I like to call Godfidence. Rather, I was taught to fear the consequences of what it could look like if I followed what felt like the calling of my heart. So I didn't speak it to anyone. I kept it buried.
Keeping who you are created to be buried because of what other people think, rather than listening to the call of God in your heart, is a stifling of the spirit. Stifling the spirit led me to depression and anxiety, and a lot of fear.
Friends, our creator wants us to live fully into the life he has created for us. In order to do so, we must come to understand how God created us as a unique reflection of him, to carry out his love and kindness in the world around us.
We must embrace that we are chosen for such a time as this.
God equips us to the call, but often we don't understand the call because we don't understand how we've been created. When we are serving from the gifts God has planted in our souls, we are in that sweet spot of being filled, while we are also pouring into the lives of those placed in our path. We are serving others from the overflow and abundance.
This starts with an exploration and understanding of who you are as God's beloved creation. Your core identity. Your true-self.
Dear friends, we already have within us everything we need. We just have to tap into that and come to understand it.
I love word acronyms that help me in times of stress, worry, or fear. As I was looking up the acronyms for fear, I found a negative, "Fear Everything And Run," and a positive, "Face Everything And Recover." I prefer the latter! But I also like this best:
This makes me think of the phoenix, rising from the ashes. But it could also mean you're facing the day and its opportunities (let's reframe that too, challenges = opportunities) and are going to rise out of bed as your next brave step.
So whether your next brave small step is to rise out of bed, to rise to the occasion of an opportunity you're facing, or to rise to face the fear and work through it knowing you are being equipped to do so, dear friends...
Let's RISE!
What opportunity/challenge are you facing? What is bringing about fear in your life? I encourage you to bravely face it. You're not alone. Let's get unstuck and grow together! You can always reach out to me by email, or join our private Facebook Group, Intentional Growth and Wellness, where we encourage and support each other in this courageous journey of taking the next brave small step.


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